Ups and Downs

We have been in Budapest for nearly a week now and while I don’t certainly don’t feel at home here yet, it’s starting to hit me that we are not going anywhere else for awhile. I have to actually learn how to get around and come to see this place as “where we live.” There are days that I feel really excited about that, and there are days like today, where all I want is to be able to go into a coffee shop without the “I’m so sorry, I don’t speak Hungarian” look on my face. I went out this afternoon to look for some lunch and passed by at least 20 places because I didn’t see a way to make it a quick transaction. They all looked like I would have to ask a lot of questions about what they serve and I just didn’t feel like dealing with it. So, I went to the grocery store, got a box of cereal and milk, and went back to our room and ate on our bed. It was all very depressing and dramatic of me.

I am feeling a bit useless, to be honest. I knew it would be awhile before I figured out my job situation, but I guess I didn’t think about what I would do with my time in the interim. I’m so happy that Chris is doing well in his new position, but that means he is busy most of the day—as one with a job should be. And the only other people I know here are also working during the day—as they should be. So, that leaves me to try and fill the time as best I can. I’ve done a lot of sightseeing, but there’s only so much of that I feel I can do in a day. I want to use my brain a little bit. I want to feel I am contributing to society. I know this is all temporary, but I am feeling a bit sorry for myself today. Very soon you may get a post from me saying that I have a job and I will look back on this pity-party with a huge eye roll.

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