Baby’s First Rave

A very long time ago, I promised to post an entry titled “Baby’s First Rave.” Well, it didn’t happen quite as soon as expected. Deal with it. But, hopefully it was all worth the nervous anticipation I’m sure you were all feeling before this moment. Below is another poorly edited video of a rave that Chris and I attended back in April when we were visiting Helsinki, Finland.

First, a few notes for those mothers and grandmothers out there: We did not stay long, I was only offered water the whole time, I had earplugs, and the baby’s ears were not fully developed at the time of this crazy experience (I checked beforehand). So, I think we all came out of this no worse for the wear. However, I cannot guarantee that our child hasn’t gotten a taste for an insanely loud bass that makes you feel like your throat has traveled down into your stomach. We will just have to see once the kid hits puberty.

Finally, a warning: turn the volume on your computer WAY down. I am not kidding.

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  • Laura & Miles

    I bet baby-baker loved his first rave! or her! Did you get any reactions? I bet that was a wild sensation for the little one–the bass vibrations coupled with the swooshing of blood and heartbeats… awesome sound mix! Miles is totally jealous; he’s sound asleep right now with the white noise at full blast. I’m sure it’s nothing compared to the rave…

    Comment | June 1, 2009
  • Sister

    Wow! That looked really great…baby baker is prepared to sleep through anything now. What a blast. I wish there was more footage of you dancing though…that I would have loved 🙂

    Comment | June 3, 2009
  • Hello Laura and Chris,
    Gail gave me the good news tonight about your new arrival expected in early September. Congratulations and best of luck with everything. Laura, I check in with your blog from time to time to see how things are going. Was glad to get an update today. Hang in there and keep posting, please. You’re a good writer.

    Comment | June 12, 2009

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