Paradise Island


So, Chris and I went to Croatia a couple of weeks ago. Up until I moved to Budapest, I always thought of Croatia as this war-torn dead zone in Eastern Europe. I was so ignorant, I didn’t even know that Croatia was located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. So, when Hungarians started to tell us that their favorite vacation spots were in Croatia, I thought, “Whoa, I know that Hungarians are a somber lot, but really? Do they just huddle in the fetal position in bombed out buildings, letting the rain mix with their tears?”

I have since been duly corrected. Croatia is what travel books like to call a ‘hidden gem’. It’s this crazy mix of Greece, Italy, and Eastern Block-ness and it is beautiful. After our busy trip back to the U.S. in late June, Chris and I needed a “real” vacation, so we borrowed a friend’s car and in seven hours found ourselves in paradise.

First stop was Split, where we then hopped on a car ferry to the island of Vis, where even the hardest of souls cannot help but be melted by the warm waters and friendly people. Dang, I sound like a travel bureau commercial. Croatia should hire me for their marketing schemes. Except for my complete lack of experience or talent in marketing I would be perfect.



The beaches and the food were incredible. Especially the beaches. And the food. Most of the beaches were either white stone or slab stone shorelines, which took a little getting used to. The first day we went out we looked like total amateurs. All around us were beautiful bronzed people sprawled out luxuriously on top of these big white pebbles and here we come–white as ghosts, mumbling, “Ouch. Oh this hurts my feet. Can you carry me? Oh, my large pregnant belly is getting in the way. Oh, ooh, ouch. Quick, get to the water! Aahh! There are sea urchins in here! I’ve been attacked!”

But after that first day, with a little sun and a little walking practice , we looked like we belonged and we pretty much didn’t move for seven days.



The island of Vis has two towns on eastern and western ends: Vis Town and Komiza. We stayed in a lovely little apartment on Komiza, which is the quieter, more secluded of the two towns. If I had been thinking at all I would have taken photos of the apartment. But every time I stepped into it I immediately fell into a deep trance and slept for twelve hours.

Komiza reminded us of our trip to Sardinia, Italy, when we were on our honeymoon four years ago. The small, winding streets were full of people milling about till the wee hours of the morning. And tons of children. Chris and I were reminded more than once of how this was going to be our last trip for a very long time without the responsibility of babies to take care of. Which gave us an excuse to sleep in until 10 AM every morning.









One of the highlights of the trip was when Chris’ brother David and his new wife Heather met us on the island on day four. For some crazy reason, they wanted to hang out with Oldest Brother and his very pregnant wife on part of their honeymoon. (By the way, don’t even think of asking me to post a photo of myself in my bathing suit. It ain’t gonna happen. Especially now that Chris has taken to calling me “Biggens”.)

Anyway, David and Heather. Newlyweds. Young, spry things spending their honeymoon with two people who were feeling decidedly un-spry. But they were great fun to be with and we gladly invited them to join us in continuing our previous three days of doing nothing.


As we sat on the ferry, watching Vis disappear beyond the horizon, we marveled at how seven days of sitting around on a beach like a bunch of sloths could make one so very tired. I have never been so relaxed in my life. The only thing left to do to make our trip complete was to have our car break down 20 kilometers from Budapest after a long, hot car ride with four sweaty people crammed into it.

I suppose it was a fitting way for Reality to punch us in the face and get us moving again.

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Baby’s First Rave

A very long time ago, I promised to post an entry titled “Baby’s First Rave.” Well, it didn’t happen quite as soon as expected. Deal with it. But, hopefully it was all worth the nervous anticipation I’m sure you were all feeling before this moment. Below is another poorly edited video of a rave that Chris and I attended back in April when we were visiting Helsinki, Finland.

First, a few notes for those mothers and grandmothers out there: We did not stay long, I was only offered water the whole time, I had earplugs, and the baby’s ears were not fully developed at the time of this crazy experience (I checked beforehand). So, I think we all came out of this no worse for the wear. However, I cannot guarantee that our child hasn’t gotten a taste for an insanely loud bass that makes you feel like your throat has traveled down into your stomach. We will just have to see once the kid hits puberty.

Finally, a warning: turn the volume on your computer WAY down. I am not kidding.

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The Last Thing We Did on Our Christmas Vacation

While I have not posted in a few weeks, it was not because I didn’t want to. I really really did. However, I have been living in a wireless wasteland for the past several weeks, hence the lack of contact. And, while my current living quarters are still a wireless wasteland, everything else is magical. We just moved into our very own apartment here in Budapest, and it feels great. It makes everything feel much more real. I will be posting photos of the new place very soon, but until then, I MUST finish this Christmas Vacation recap if it kills me. And the end of this particular vacation almost DID kill me, as you will soon see….

Once we left beautiful Switzerland, we drove back to Munich on New Year's Eve. Once we got settled into our hotel, we headed out to one of the most famous brewhouses in Munich (and maybe...THE WORLD...).

Once we left beautiful Switzerland, we drove back to Munich on New Year's Eve. Once we got settled into our hotel, we headed out to one of the most famous brewhouses in Munich. However, it seemed that everyone else in Munich had come up with the same dinner plans for the evening and we had to wait in line for 1.5 hours just to get in. Considering that impatience runs in my family, we were all pretty upbeat, despite the frigid temperatures and the frostbite on our toes.


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