Happy August 20th Hungary

In celebration of the 1009th birthday of Hungary, the current king of Hungary invited Redbull to organize an air-show and race. Here is our experience watching the race on the internet and from the balcony at the same time. Here is a clip showing American Michael Goulian, today’s champion, in a preliminary race.

Here are a few other photos from the day’s events.

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The 5-Star Birth Experience

Hello friendly readers.  I’m Christopher, Laura’s loyal husband and proud father of her soon-to-be-born child.

In the coming weeks as things heat up around here, I will be posting some of my own thoughts and media-rich documentary installments while Laura is otherwise occupied with tasks such as birthing, nursing and sleeping. That’s not to say I will be speaking for Laura — to do so would be daft. Rather, my contributions will specifically target the vast untapped male market segment needed to bolster the already vast quantities of Google advertising dollars generated by this website. While baby does not yet need new a new pair of shoes, baby soon will.

My first installment is a little video documenting our first trip out to the hospital where we plan to deliver our baby.  Funny thing — this 5-star-hotel-like hospital is out in the middle of nowhere.  Of course, on game-day, we will take a cab.  We’ve got that much figured out.  But on this little exploratory adventure we decided to take the bus. Of course, we missed the stop and had to traipse through a very unfamiliar neighborhood in search of the hospital, but we eventually arrived.  All in all, the trip took about 5 hours.

I am also including some images of Telki Hospital. These images are included for your personal enjoyment and to allay any concerns that you might have about the quality of maternity care in Budapest, Hungary. Rest assured we will be in good hands (and individually swaddled in 1500 thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets).

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